Catch sight of trends and manage volumes of ridership data with Foursquare ITP’s Ridership Analyzer and Reporter toolset. For transit agencies of any size, we can provide your agency with the tools and the training to use and maintain this database system for your reporting needs. The tool can quickly process raw ridership data obtained through various types of Automated Passenger Counter (APC) software, including TransitMaster, Ridecheck Plus, Hastus, and UTA. Once the ridership data is processed, view reports and exports of results at the system-wide, jurisdictional, route, trip, and bus stop levels.

Example Applications: Foursquare ITP developed custom database tools to clean and aggregate  ridership and on-time-performance data for transit agencies of all sizes. The Hampton Roads Transit’s (HRT) Ridership Database Tool aggregates and summarizes Hastus and APC data and allows HRT staff to monitor their service with the click of a button. The Pentagon Transit Center’s Ridership Database Tool compiles, standardizes, and aggregates shuttle and transit ridership data from a multitude of providers with varying data ridership data formats, making quarterly reporting on the Pentagon’s required Traffic Management Plan a breeze.