Evaluate capacity at transit centers and plan for future bus bay needs with Foursquare ITP’s Bus Station Calculator, Balance.

The tool uses your agency’s GTFS feed or planned future service levels, along with your layover requirements, to calculate bus bay and bus stop capacity utilization and identify where your schedules are causing overcrowding – and where you might have excess capacity. It can also used to calculate the number of bus bays or bus stops needed at new transit hubs to ensure that what you are designing and building will serve future operational needs. The tool helps users answer questions that will help the agency provide a smooth operating environment for its bus operators and customers, including:

  1. How many bus bays will we need at an existing stop or station in a future year?
  2. Can we increase service on Routes A, B, and C without causing capacity issues at the station?
  3. What are the optimal bus bay assignments by route at the station?

Balance: Bus Station Calculator is available for standalone purchase or as part of Foursquare ITP’s consulting services. If it is something your agency could use or if you just want more information, contact us now.

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