DDOT is developing a Bus Priority Plan and Program to address the need for improved bus speeds and reliability with a systematic approach. The Program is envisioned to oversee or coordinate various elements related to bus priority for DDOT, including corridor projects, transit signal priority, bus-related policy, automated enforcement, and WMATA partnerships. The study has several main aspects: development of a toolbox of transit priority treatments; development of a corridor project development process; the analysis and ranking of 20 initial corridors based on bus performance, equity, activity, and safety; an annual data collection plan; a BRT study on New York Avenue; initiating planning for the top ranked corridor, and; combining these elements into a comprehensive Program Guide. Foursquare ITP is overseeing or leading all of these efforts other than the initial planning for the first corridor.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Used R scripts to efficiently process and combine multi-variate data sources at the segment level.
  • Developed model to test. weighting of various metrics as part of corridor ranking process.
  • Final product creates a bus priority pipeline for the next ten years.
  • Detailed BRT plans for one corridor, bus lane implementation for another.