Foursquare ITP’s data scientists and planners develop customized interactive maps, dashboards, and apps that bring plans and data to life. Examples include:

  • Interactive Maps to provide the ultimate flexibility as you view or analyze data.
  • Dashboards to provide dynamic access to historical or real-time data.
  • Story Maps to tell a narrative through a series of vivid, interactive maps and modules.
  • Code notebooks to provide step-by-step illustrations of technical methods.
  • Customized web and mobile applications to serve whatever need you can dream up.

Foursquare ITP leads the planning practice with our expertise in web-based interactive tooling, from ArcGIS Online’s app suite, to Tableau-based dashboards, to custom mobile and web apps developed with R/Shiny, Microsoft PowerApps, and numerous other tools and languages. We can even manage the warehousing of your agency’s data to support these tools. For all of our custom web-based interactive tools, Foursquare ITP can provide on-going support and development and staff training to use these tools and maintain them even after our immediate engagement ends. From more compelling public outreach to more informed decisions within your agency, Foursquare ITP can bring you the online experiences you are looking for.