Adam loves balancing findings from data with input from the public to improve transit networks and therefore improve people’s well-being. He is passionate about transportation planning and loves crunching numbers to draw conclusions and improve the transportation network.

Adam Recchia is a project manager who has successfully implemented several bus network redesigns and led operational analyses for transit facility expansions and new transit facilities. As one of Foursquare ITP’s senior data analysts, he specializes in working with large datasets related to transit, transportation and demographics that aid in the evaluation of existing networks, service areas, and individual facilities. Adam has led several transit facility expansion projects and access projects that sought to improve bicycle, pedestrian and bus access to major transit hubs. He is also a skilled transit service planner who has worked on several transit studies where recommendations have been successfully implemented. His key projects at Foursquare ITP have included BaltimoreLink, the Mark Center Station Expansion Feasibility Study, and several transit development plans and corridor plans in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and North Carolina.


MPS, Community and Economic Development
Pennsylvania State University

BA, Urban Studies and Planning (GIS/Transportation)
State University of New York at Albany