General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) feeds are a rich source of information for transit service planning – if used properly. Foursquare ITP has developed its own software based in the programming language R that transforms any GTFS feed into a variety of outputs essential for evaluating current services and planning new ones. Using the tool, our team can create:

  • System details, including routes, modes, system span of service, etc.
  • Span of service and headways by time period and day
  • Stop and route shape geometries
  • Stop segment geometries
  • Level of service visualizations on a grid network or a street network
  • Tables for input into our Transit Resource Calculator, including speeds, distances, and runtimes
  • Additional tables for ad-hoc analysis

Overall, the tool enables powerful analysis to aid in service planning. By streamlining and automating the process of analyzing service levels, this tool helps Foursquare ITP deliver faster, higher quality recommendations for our clients.