Transit service planning affects people’s lives. We are dedicated to making decisions that will help people get to where they need to go as reliably, efficiently, and safely as possible. 

Using a data-driven approach, creative thinking, and collaboration, we develop implementable service planning solutions for our clients that result in services that meet the agency’s goals, whether they are about better access to jobs, better regional connections, or a better use of existing resources.

We understand the need to balance data through market analysis and transit service performance with input from the riding public and other stakeholders, ensuring that all perspectives are considered.

Service Offerings
  • Transit system redesigns
  • Transit development plans (TDPs)
  • Comprehensive operational analysis (COAs)
  • Route optimization studies
  • Bus rapid transit (BRT) service development
  • Rail and BRT feeder bus plans
  • Targeted area service plans
  • Fixed-route and flexible service planning
  • Microtransit service planning
  • Title VI programs and equity analyses

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