Foursquare ITP is a leader in the development of software and tools for transportation planning.

From performance management to advanced GTFS validation to market analysis and forecasting, our powerful suite of tools and technology make the work of transportation agencies faster and more effective.

These tools can be deployed on a per-project basis or provided to your staff with training for ongoing use. Whether used off the shelf or further customized to your needs, these tools make transportation planning faster, agency operations more efficient, and infrastructure management more seamless.

Do you work for an agency or company and wonder what tools we have that might benefit you and your customers?

We have several tools available for purchase. Read more about those tools below, but don’t stop there. We have much more to offer our clients than the tools we sell.

Are you a planner and curious about what processes and tools we’ve developed to improve our efficiency?

We are dedicated to our clients—it’s one of our core values—and we take that seriously. Our tools and automated processes help us ensure we provide our clients with accurate information much quicker than our competitors, so not only do we provide a superior product, but we also save them money. Read more about these tools by clicking on the links below.

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