We recently celebrated 2022 accomplishments at our January 2023 retreat. These accomplishments could not have happened without our amazing staff, several of whom received Core Values Awards! These awards define who we are; Foursquare ITP hires people who embody passion for their profession, possess dedication to our clients, value investment in each other, and retain a positive outlook.

Staff holding certificates and smiling into camera.

Passion for the Profession

Our success is rooted in our belief in and passion for our work, meeting all challenges with the appropriate set of skills, knowledge, and the desire to do our best.

Thank you, Jerri Norman and Lessie Henderson, for the passion you bring to the job every day! 

“[Jerri was] thrown into two quick moving TDPs at the beginning of their time at Foursquare ITP. They jumped into both projects working on new elements and tasks they definitely had a huge learning curve for.” 

“Lessie is genuinely invested in helping everyone in the DC community understand and gain access to sustainable transportation options. She has developed new relationships in the residential space, allowing our program to expand and be more equitable.” 

Samantha Huff and James Gibbons earned honorable mentions! 

“Since Sam joined the goDCgo team, she has constantly worked toward growing her marketing skill set and knowledge in TDM. She has applied behavior change tactics to her work and has effectively developed campaigns that achieve great results.” 

“Even though James didn’t come from a transportation background, he clearly cares about the work that we do here at Foursquare ITP. It’s been exciting to see him make great contributions to our design and visualizations over the last few months, from providing creative design solutions to helping make our plans look great. 

Dedication to Our Clients

We approach our clients with integrity, open communication, and collaboration to ensure that their needs are being met. Each client receives the personal attention, respect, and high-quality work for which we are known.

Thank you, Charlie Echard and Ehab Ebeid, for always going above and beyond and your dedication to providing high-quality work! 

“Charlie’s development of an intricate, detailed Asana project has transformed the way the engagement team approaches our work, and as a result, their praises have been sung by the [client] project manager.” 

“Ehab spent many long days perfecting both dashboards and incorporating requests from our client – many of which any other person would have said ‘no way’ to.” 

Sam McCormally earned an honorable mention! 

“Sam has been unflinchingly committed to the projects I have worked on with him… There is a place between ‘Dedication to Our Clients’ and ‘Positive Outlook’ that Sam occupies; he is a true teammate, sharing work and rising to whatever occasion presents itself, with fresh optimism each time.”  

Investment in Each Other

We respect all team members professionally and personally. We focus on continuous professional growth and improvement and promote a healthy balance between work and outside endeavors.

Thank you, Lori Zeller and Russell Pildes, for your inspiring commitment to mentoring and supporting your coworkers! 

“As project manager, Lori delegates in a way that promotes the growth of project team members and instills a genuine sense of ownership among the varying roles on a given project” 

“Russell has a way of connecting in a way that shows he cares about your personal well being first and foremost and is always willing to listen if you need it and providing a helping hand if that’s what you needed.” 

Laura Duke earned an honorable mention! 

“Laura’s collaboration with James and Finn on [a client] handout exhibited a budding graphic design talent and a knack for distilling information down to the essentials. Laura’s [additional client] work reinforces what we’ve long known: not only is Laura a tremendous asset on any project, but a great Design Team member too!” 

Positive Outlook

Our team is driven by a can-do spirit and a strong work ethic, applying our adaptability and resourcefulness to every task. We truly enjoy our work and bring a positive attitude that is evident in everything we do.

Thank you, Marissa Cottrell and Josh Diamond, for your positive attitude and your admirable work ethic! 

“Marissa demonstrates honesty in reflecting on her professional growth, never lets feedback hinder her, and challenges herself to do better and to do more. Her positive attitude and resiliency embodies Foursquare ITP’s strong work ethic.” 

“The holidays are always a stressful time, and Josh maintained a calm attitude through all our deadlines. It was such a help to me as his task lead and to the planners working on his projects.” 

Kaiqi Zhang earned an honorable mention! 

“Since joining our Philly office, Kaiqi has demonstrated positive outlook by trying to organize events and being a top-notch cookie contest photographer.” 

Congratulations to our amazing staff members!