This study provided a comprehensive review of current transit services operated by the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) and SouthWest Transit (SWT) by examining unmet needs and identifying opportunities for service modifications or adjustments. The two agencies were interested in exploring how to provide more efficient local and demand response services. With much of the current service geared towards serving commuters traveling from suburban jurisdictions to Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to rebalance resources to better serve all types of trip needs with an emphasis on suburb-to-suburb travel.

Foursquare ITP developed a service and market analysis and two high-level service planning scenarios. Foursquare ITP’s expertise in scenario planning enabled agency staff, stakeholders, and the public to weigh in on what service characteristics and connections are most important to them.

The Foursquare ITP team’s evaluation of existing and near-term service needs and development of a broadly supported and strategic transit vision coupled with pragmatic implementation tactics will enable MVTA and SWT to reliably and efficiently meet resident, visitor, employer, and community service provider needs for years to come.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed two network scenarios that focused on ridership and coverage.
  • Led extensive public engagement that included explanatory videos and a side-by-side trip planner.
  • Developed final redesigned network that includes a service plan, accessibility analysis, and phased implementation plan.