Foursquare ITP is leading the network analysis and service planning, as well as the extensive engagement components, of this wide-reaching effort to redesign Metrobus—and other local bus services—throughout the DC region. Travel trends and transit usage throughout the Washington, DC region have changed significantly since the last major rethink of the Metrobus network more than 50 years ago. Amidst constant change coming out of the pandemic, a looming fiscal cliff, and a complex region with seven local bus providers in addition to Metrobus, this project aims to refocus bus service around underserved, untapped, and even successful markets, as well as changing travel trends.

The Foursquare ITP team developed a detailed market and existing service assessment and collaboratively—with Metrobus planners, bus operators, and the local jurisdictions—developed a draft visionary plan, as well as a short-term network, for the region that will improve accessibility, transit competitiveness, and equity of bus service. After sharing the visionary plan with the public and stakeholders for input in spring 2023, we developed a resource constrained network for planned implementation in 2025.

The draft visionary bus network that was shared in 2023 makes significantly greater use of bus lanes, saves in-vehicle travel time, and provides more than fifty percent better service for people of color and low-income populations. During this round of outreach, Foursquare ITP and our partners held more than 60 events in 62 days at pop-up events, bus stop chats, and workshops throughout the region. The short-term network, constrained to anticipated resources for the next year, will soon be presented to the public and stakeholders for their review and approval in spring 2024.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed detailed market assessment and existing conditions dashboard and report.
  • Created redesigned bus networks – visionary and constrained – for the region that will address transit needs of the community.
  • Planned and implemented extensive, award-winning public and stakeholder engagement campaigns.