This study helped the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) evaluate the operational needs of a new transit center to incorporate these needs into the design of the new facility. PSTA was relocating its downtown Clearwater transit center to a new location a few blocks away and needed to determine bus bay assignments, route realignments, and capacity at the new location.

Foursquare ITP worked with PSTA to ensure that there would be minimal conflicts between buses, logical bus bay assignments, and non-circuitous/uncongested turning movements for buses accessing the proposed Clearwater facility, which currently experiences overcrowding. We evaluated capacity needs using our Bus Stop and Bus Bay Capacity Analyzer tool and created bus bay assignments that would maximize the ease of passenger transfers between specific routes and ensure that there is no overcrowding (or conflicts between buses) at each bay.

The work included determining route realignments needed for each route to access the new facility that avoid congested turning movements and circuitous movements. With Foursquare ITP’s analysis, PSTA was able to ensure that bus bay assignments would avoid overcrowding and allow for easy passenger transfers.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Bus bay assignments for the new facility that avoid overcrowding and ensure easy passenger transfers.
  • Route realignments to access the new facility.
  • Updated GTFS feed to include future service.