Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, Inc. (Foursquare ITP) is excited to announce the hiring of Doug Robinson as a Senior Transportation Planner and Florida Business Manager. Doug is based in Orlando and has over 20 years of transit and transportation planning experience to bolster the firm’s strong transit planning capabilities and establish a local presence in Florida. He spent most of his career at several transit agencies in Florida, serving in positions including Manager of Strategic Planning at LYNX, Principal Planner at Miami-Dade Transit, and Chief Transit Planner at Regional Transit System in Gainesville.

At Foursquare ITP Doug will apply his deep understanding of transit service planning, transit operations, bus priority planning and regional planning to a variety of projects, both in and outside Florida. He will also be responsible for developing and cultivating relationships in the state and ensuring the firm’s understanding and knowledge of the transportation landscape throughout the state. Doug will closely coordinate with our other leads in the Florida market: Regional and Statewide Planning Service Area Lead and COO David Miller and Corridor Planning Service Area Lead Jessica Alvarez.

Doug will build on Foursquare ITP’s existing experience in Florida, including several recently completed projects across the state. We led, as the prime contractor, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)’s Transit Development Plan and Comprehensive Operational Analysis; played a key role on the SR-436 Transit Corridor Study for Lynx in Orlando, creating the BRT and feeder bus service plans and leading ridership modeling using the Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool (TBEST); and led the market assessment and developed regional commuter bus and BRT networks for the Southeast Florida 2045 Regional Transportation Plan.