Chief Operating Officer


  Years of Experience: 22

  Years at Foursquare ITP: 10

David Miller, PTP is the Chief Operating Officer at Foursquare ITP, project manager, and certified Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) with 20+ years of experience in transportation planning. David has completed a wide variety of successful transit planning projects ranging from transit development plans, station access studies, the development of new or expanded transit services, and transit performance monitoring. David’s transit experience is comprised of a wide variety of both bus and rail projects including bus rapid transit, high speed rail, and station access and capacity analysis. David has led Foursquare ITP’s technical analysis on several high visibility studies, including the Bus Transformation Project, a strategic vision for the future of bus in the Washington, D.C. region; transit vision plans in Hampton Roads, Roanoke, Richmond, and Central Maryland; and statewide transit plans for North Carolina and Vermont. David specializes in developing context sensitive multimodal transportation solutions that include public transportation as well as local, regional, and inter-regional infrastructure solutions through effective stakeholder outreach and inter-agency coordination. His extensive experience also includes working with travel demand models, land use planning and analysis, and environmental analysis in support of transportation projects.


B.A., Geography (GIS/Transportation)
University of Washington