Foursquare ITP led a transportation development plan (TDP) for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). The TDP provided a comprehensive system analysis and service area assessment which resulted in a full set of bus transit recommendations, and a phasing and implementation plan that encompassed both Duval and Clay counties. The system analysis provided a cohesive review of JTA’s fixed-route and demand responsive services, and strongly considered JTA’s future automated vehicle services. Our team completed an existing conditions assessment that focused on travel movements throughout the region, demographic characteristics of the population, and current transportation characteristics and trends, which all helped to identify areas that have existing service but need more, as well as those areas that should be considered for service.

Throughout the project, our data scientists used to clean and process JTA’s GTFS and raw AVL data as well as regional travel demand model origin and destination travel flowsGTFS data was processed to calculate service levels at the route and stop levels while raw AVL data was cleaned to calculate runtimes and on-time performance. Both of these datasets were combined into informative route profiles and interactive dashboards through automated processes