Foursquare ITP assisted in the development of the Southeastern Florida 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Our team participated in the development of the revised and updated regional goals, objectives and measures of effectiveness/performance measures (GOM/PMs) for the RTP to ensure the plan is consistent with the Southeast Florida Prosperity Plan, Florida Transportation Plan, and all other applicable plans as determined by the Regional Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC), as they relate to transit. We utilized our transit propensity and flow analysis to prepare and create maps of regional trip flows, regional activity centers, land uses, population, employment, etc. to assist the RTTAC’s understanding and support of potential regional transit corridors beyond the existing and current network or other planned transit projects. Based on best practices, we also developed a wide range of applicable transportation demand management (TDM) recommendations that reduce demand on the regional transportation network that may support one or more scenarios.