Vice President & Senior Project Manager
Executive Leadership Team


  Years of Experience: 15

  Years at Foursquare ITP: 9

Jessica Alvarez, PTP has worked in the transportation industry at multiple transit agencies that ranged in size from a suburban, university-centric transit system to a multi-county, non-profit transit agency. As Foursquare ITP’s Corridor Practice Lead, she has served as the project manager and senior technical analyst on many of Foursquare ITP’s transit service and operational plans. She has worked on a variety of projects including corridor analyses, transit development plans, long-range vision plans, development of transit service alternatives with associated fare/cost analyses, and monitoring of operational activities. Jessica specializes in service analysis, forecasting ridership and working with partners and the public to develop service recommendations. She also has advanced knowledge of scheduling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Intelligent Transportation Systems.


MA, Urban and Regional Planning (GIS)
MS, Civil Engineering (Transportation)
BA, Business
BA, Anthropology

University of Florida