Foursquare ITP is participating in a multimodal transit study for a 20-mile corridor in Orlando, Florida along SR 436 from Orlando International Airport to just north of the Altamonte area. Foursquare ITP is leading the data collection and existings conditions assessment related to demographics, transit propensity, and transit level of service and use in the corridor. We will be assisting in the development of the purpose and need statement, goals/objectives, and developing evaluation criteria that will guide screening throughout the project. Foursquare ITP will play a significant role in the development of transit alternatives in the study corridor, including Bus Rapid Transit, and in screening alternatives and producing off-model ridership modeling using STOPS. Foursquare ITP will lead the development of an operations plan for the preferred alternative including adjustments to local transit, station locations, and transit priority treatments. As part of the process Foursquare ITP will develop operations, maintenance, and capital costs.