Foursquare ITP deployed our bus station calculator tool to conduct a capacity analysis at one of Metrolinx’s GO stations to ensure it has adequate capacity for the future increase in bus service planned for it. Metrolinx is greatly expanding rail service at its GO Stations and expects feeder bus service to them to also increase significantly in the future. To ensure there is an adequate number of bus bays in this station’s bus loop, Metrolinx needed to conduct a capacity analysis of the facility.

Foursquare ITP customized our bus station calculator tool, Balance, for one of the agency’s GO stations and conducted two capacity analyses for it, each with different service levels by route, bus bay assignments and circulation patterns to fit the station’s needs. The project resulted in two detailed operating scenarios for the station that will ensure the facility is operating below capacity.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Created future bus bay assignments for the station.
  • Developed capacity calculations for each bay at the station.
  • Identified circulation patterns for each route at the station.