Foursquare ITP is assisting the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) with the implementation of their ambitious bus network redesign. Our team is evaluating capacity at key locations throughout the network. The redesign affects the entire MBTA network and will include increases in service at numerous passenger facilities and terminal locations. Foursquare ITP is determining any expansions or upgrades to facilities that are necessary.

Foursquare ITP led the process of identifying key locations in the network, including existing passenger facilities, terminal locations, and major transfer/ridership locations. For these locations we also identified upgrades and expansions needed to ensure an optimal operating environment for the new network.

We also conducted a detailed restroom access analysis to ensure that operators have access to restrooms at layover locations on an hourly basis. To aid in this evaluation, we used our various GTFS tools to analyze the new network and predict new major transfer points in it. Our innovative methodology was published in APTA’s Passenger Transport magazine.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Identified the key locations in the network and order-of-magnitude expansions or upgrades that will be needed.
  • Utilized GTFS tools for analyzing and predicting transfer points.