Foursquare ITP provided as-needed service planning and scheduling support to Rock Region Metro. The operations planning and scheduling services task complements more narrowly focused task orders. For example, upon the completion of the service monitoring dashboard development task, the Foursquare ITP team assisted Rock Region Metro staff in monitoring the dashboard, identifying key trends, and developing recommendations to mitigate any service performance issues.

Our team developed route and system maps at the request of Rock Region Metro staff to support Board and stakeholder presentations, and as a follow-up to the Unconstrained Network Plan task order. Foursquare ITP has been an on-going resource for Rock Region Metro staff for assistance GIS analyses and data visualization. Recently, Rock Region Metro staff began using system maps developed by Foursquare ITP as reference tools for customer service agents taking calls from riders and other community members.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Served as an extension of Rock Region Metro staff, providing analyses, mapping, data visualization, and planning support as needed.