At our March retreat, we held our biannual Core Values Awards! Our Core Values Team creates initiatives to recognize employees who go above and beyond in exemplifying our values: Passion for the Profession, Dedication to Our Clients, Investment in Each Other, and Positive Outlook.

Passion for the Profession

Our success is rooted in our belief in and passion for our work, meeting all challenges with the appropriate set of skills, knowledge, and the desire to do our best.

Thank you, Matt Bewley and Kyle Hearing, for the passion you bring to the job every day!

“Matt has truly embraced the Foursquare ITP ethos of being creative and rising to the challenge.”

“It’s hard to select a single core value at which Matt excels the most, because he seems to have them all!”

“Kyle has passion and enthusiasm for GIS, paired with his high level of skill.”

“Kyle put in 120% to learn and excel in transit planning, demonstrating exceptional passion for it in the process.”

Dedication to Our Clients

We approach our clients with integrity, open communication, and collaboration to ensure that their needs are being met. Each client receives the personal attention, respect, and high-quality work for which we are known.

Thank you, Jack McDowell and Wylie Timmerman, for always going above and beyond and your dedication to providing high-quality work!

“Jack has shown an unmatched dedication to our client on the Datamart project.”

“Jack has been critical to this very fast-paced and expansive project.”

“Wylie always performs excellent QA/QC on all work products that will be presented to our clients.”

“Wylie’s mentorship, contributions to methodologies, and work led two big WMATA Data Science Team project efforts.”

Investment in Each Other

We respect all team members professionally and personally. We focus on continuous professional growth and improvement and promote a healthy balance between work and outside endeavors.

Thank you, Jarred Toups, for your inspiring commitment to mentoring and supporting your coworkers!

“Jarred’s eagerness to share various design skills to all of us at Foursquare ITP is deeply appreciated.”

“I admire Jarred’s enthusiastic approach to knowledge sharing and feel that it is an aspirational mindset for all of us!”

Positive Outlook

Our team is driven by a can-do spirit and a strong work ethic, applying our adaptability and resourcefulness to every task. We truly enjoy our work and bring a positive attitude that is evident in everything we do.

Thank you, Jessica Klion, for your positive attitude and your admirable work ethic!

“Jessica has dedicated a lot of time to onboard me, and I’m not afraid to reach out to her!”

“Jessica is so helpful…despite challenges, tight deadlines, and complex problems.”