Wylie’s passion is furthering high-quality, sustainable transportation through rigorous analysis and collaboration with local communities.

Wylie Timmerman is a senior transportation planner and the technical lead of Foursquare ITP’s Transportation Data Science Team. His expertise in application development, transit service planning, and geospatial data science is put to use across a variety of practice areas at Foursquare ITP. His recent work includes modeling of transit ridership and speed of premium transit services in Orlando, Florida and Norfolk, Virginia; modeling of job accessibility and transfer patterns in the Baltimore, Mayland region; and evaluation of queue jump performance using second-by-second Automatic Vehicle Locator data in Washington, DC. For Foursquare ITP’s Transportation Data Science Team, Wylie leads the creation of interactive transit planning applications, trains other planners in programming practices, and develops new approaches for processing and modeling GTFS and other intelligent transportation system (ITS) data.  


MPA, Public Affairs
Princeton University

BA, Political Science
Arizona State University