Foursquare ITP places great importance on living our four core values every day: embodying passion for our profession, possessing dedication to our clients, valuing investment in each other, and retaining a positive outlook. At our recent mid-year retreat, Foursquare ITP celebrated these core values over the past six months. Congratulations to the staff members who received our semi-annual Core Values Awards!

Passion for the Profession 

This award went to Marc Szarkowski for meeting all challenges with the appropriate set of skills, knowledge, and the desire to do our best. His nominators said, “Marc plays a key role in conducting the rendering work for various clients. He generated conceptual station layouts into an astonishing model, which made the final report look fancy and amazing.”

Rachel Staley earned an honorable mention in this category. Her nominators noted, “I’m impressed with how quickly Rachel dived into learning Tableau. She graciously accepted being ‘voluntold’ to take on this new responsibility and immediately spearheaded the monthly update of the client dashboard with little oversight.”

Dedication to Our Clients

The award for client dedication went to Sam McCormally for approaching clients with integrity, open communication, and collaboration to ensure that their needs are being met. His nominators stated “Sam never fails to remain curious and positive in the face of new information, and he soaks up new skills without hesitation.”

Jessica Klion earned an honorable mention in this category, with her nominators saying, “Jessica has been instrumental in keeping everything on track, from attending public meetings; directing new planners; redesigning the microtransit zones numerous times; and working with designers to make sure the latest and greatest is on the boards.”

Investment in Each Other

Laura Duke and Cinnamon Swenson were co-awardees for this award for respecting all team members professionally and personally. Laura’s nominators noted, “Laura is willing to help out at a moment’s notice, and no request is too small, whether it’s fixing something in SharePoint, sharing pictures, helping with a task, or organizing snacks!”

Cinnamon’s nominators said, “Cinnamon has taken on significant responsibilities and is completely independent in her managing of payroll, some benefits administration, and bookkeeping.”

Positive Outlook

The co-awardees for this award were Steven Schrayer, AICP and Sal Zahedi, Ph.D. for bringing a positive attitude to everything we do. Steven’s nominators shared that “Steven is one IM away from jumping in on any project and saving the day! He always makes himself available with a positive outlook on complicated issues… even on projects he’s not a part of.”

Sal’s nominators shared that “Sal is sunshine in human form! He inspires me to always see the bright side. He can deal with whatever issues you throw at him with a smile on his face.”

Congratulations to our amazing staff members! We had fun celebrating them and each other at our retreat.