Foursquare ITP evaluated the DC Department of For-Hire Vehicles’ (DFHV) DC Neighborhood Connect microtransit service and identified opportunities for expansion and other service adjustments and improvements to enhance productivity and customer experience. DFHV implemented microtransit service in 2019 and was seeking expertise to develop recommendations to improve and expand the service. The service was challenged by high wait time and relatively low productivity.

Foursquare ITP used data to identify trip patterns and develop recommendations that involved adjusting its zone boundaries to increase productivity and provide access to key destinations. We also developed driver schedules and fare recommendations to support connections to and ridership on the complementary fixed route system.

DFHV was able to feel confident in making changes to its service and was able to lower their average wait times after implementing Foursquare ITP’s recommendations.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Modified and expanded zones to increase access.
  • Identified new zones to serve high-density area with vulnerable populations.
  • Developed service standards and performance monitoring program.
  • Recommended fare policies to encourage fixed route use when available.
  • Improved driver schedules.