Foursquare ITP helped CapMetro assess the performance of its existing Pickup microtransit service and identify opportunities for service improvement and expansion. The Pickup program has grown rapidly in recent years, from with one pilot zone in 2017 to 10 zones currently. This project allowed CapMetro staff to take a comprehensive look at the strengths and weaknesses of each zone and to get internal input from front-line staff on what is working well and what may need improvement in order to ensure that Pickup service is well aligned with the markets it serves and helps complement the overall CapMetro service network.

The Foursquare ITP team assessed existing Pickup service and the overall market for microtransit service in the CapMetro service area to develop a preliminary set of service improvement recommendations. These were then adjusted based on feedback provided by front-line and planning staff and scored using a methodology developed by Foursquare ITP staff. The scoring methodology incorporated CapMetro’s own service performance and community equity metrics as well as additional metrics reflecting industry best practices.

CapMetro intends to use the scoring and phasing of the recommendations developed by Foursquare ITP staff to prioritize the implementation of Pickup service improvements over the next five years. Success will be measured by improved ridership and productivity for existing zones and the addition of new zones.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Recommended three-phase set of service improvements, including the expansion of several zones to encompass areas of growth and new development, the addition of three zones to complement new rapid transit projects, and the elimination of one zone to reallocate underutilized resources.