Foursquare ITP worked with JTA to develop 15 on-demand zones for ReadiRide dial-a-ride service that were implemented in June 2022 and is now assisting JTA in transitioning it into an app-based microtransit service. JTA has had reservation-based on-demand transit for a long time and is now moving to the next phase of offering truly on-demand service. To ensure a successful transition from dial-a-ride to app-based microtransit service, Foursquare ITP developed recommendations for the operating characteristics and service parameters of each new microtransit zone to ensure that the service meets the needs of the riders.

Using cell phone-based origin-destination data within and to/from each of the 15 zones allowed us to determine the best service plan based on time of day and day of week, as well as allowed us to define the service delivery type for each zone, such as curb-to-curb, corner-to-corner, virtual stops, etc. Service design standards will allow JTA to maintain a consistent level of service across the ReadiRide system, even under context-specific operating models. Foursquare ITP is developing performance metrics and performance monitoring plan for future evaluation.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed context-sensitive service plans for 15 microtransit zones.
  • Created service design standards.
  • Developed performance metrics and monitoring plan.