As a follow on to the Adopted 2020 Bus Service Guidelines that Foursquare ITP developed for the WMATA Bus Transformation Project, the Annual Line Performance Report was developed to visualize the applications of the standards and guidelines across the system. The annual report included assessing each Metrobus line against established performance metrics; various operational, demographic, and travel analyses; and creating both an annual line performance grade and line benefit score focused on ridership, populations served and the network value. These grading systems were visualized via “report cards” to help distill complex information into an easy-to-understand grade. This created a more accessible path to understanding route-level performance, as it relates to the overall agency’s goals, and will help staff understand which routes to prioritize for interventions, and how, where, and when those routes are failing to meet agency targets. This report was created in a way to allow for Metrobus staff to replicate it on an annual basis.