Foursquare ITP provided program support for the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Transportation Management Program Office related to transit facilities, service planning, strategic planning, construction management, and Travel Demand Management. The Department of Defense (DoD) shuttle system operates from two primary transit centers: the Pentagon Transit Center (PTC) and Mark Center Station (MCS). These transit centers are served not only by DoD shuttles, but by several other transit providers with local, express, and commuter bus routes. Foursquare ITP assisted the WHS Management Program Office (TMPO) within the DoD by managing efficient and effective transportation services in the National Capital Region to ensure mobility, accessibility, safety, and connectivity for commuters.

Foursquare ITP provided transportation planning subject matter expertise to the TMPO over the course of a five-year contract, following support to WHS as a subconsultant since 2012. We managed three primary transportation documents including the annual transit development plan (TDP), which evaluates the effectiveness of the DoD Shuttle Bus System, and the transportation management plans (TMPs) for the Pentagon and Mark Center which evaluate all available transportation services at the respective facilities.

We delivered three reports (one TDP and two TMPs), each describing operating characteristics, performance measures, and the methods by which the data was collected for analysis over the course of the reporting year. Each report includes detailed information about how ride checks were conducted as well as additional data collection efforts to thoroughly examine the performance of each shuttle route. Based on the current performance and passenger input, each route profile concludes with recommendations for improvements. We also listed further recommendations for system-wide improvements or new services.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed annual delivery of Mark Center TMP
  • Developed annual delivery of Pentagon TMP
  • Developed annual delivery of Shuttle Bus TDP
  • Led client support for various transportation systems service DoD facilities in the NCR
  • Led client support for launch of new transportation services at DoD facilities
  • Led client support for special event planning
  • Provided construction management support and technical review of construction/traffic plans