Foursquare ITP was the lead contractor for TCRP Report 221, which explored how public transit agencies have re-envisioned their services through comprehensive bus network redesigns and integrating new mobility solutions in response to changes in travel demand, development, and technology. This study’s robust research process included a literature review; review of three recently conducted surveys, interviews with 23 transit agencies (rural, small urban, and urban) across the nation; and a focus group with new mobility experts and providers.

The final report provides an overview of the current trends in bus network redesign and new mobility and perspective on how new mobility is being integrated into bus network redesigns. It also features four agency-specific case studies exploring specific topics within bus network redesign and the integration of new mobility in a range of service area types.

In addition to the final report, the research findings were distilled in three toolkits that provide guidance for agencies considering bus network redesigns: Bus Network Redesigns, Partnering to Make the Bus the Mode of Choice, and Working with the Private Sector. The Bus Network Redesign toolkit is a complete how-to guide for conducting a bus network redesign, from vision to implementation. Foursquare ITP’s work on this project is a natural progression from our work leading TCRP Synthesis 140: Comprehensive Bus Network Redesigns, the most downloaded TCRP report of 2019.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Created unique resource that looks at the integration of fixed-route bus network redesigns with new mobility options.
  • Identified current trends and best practices related to bus network redesign, new mobility, and the integration of the two.
  • Developed case studies and toolkits to help transit agencies plan and implement the redesign of bus networks in the US.