The Florida Department of Transportation requires that each transit provider develop a transit development plan (TDP) to guide the services’ long-term planning and operations. A TDP is a prerequisite for receiving funding administered by Florida DOT, and a well-made TDP provides a comprehensive decision-making guide for many strategic and day-to-day purposes. TDPs are analysis-intensive and require consultation with the general public and advisory committees. Orlando’s LYNX system needed technical expertise and capacity to make theirs. Foursquare ITP developed major components of LYNX’s TDP.

Our team updated LYNX’s baseline conditions and trends report, current/proposed route analyses, a transit market assessment, and a peer system review. We used our propensity analysis and points-of-interest tools to assess the transit market. Foursquare ITP also developed a special peer analysis that compared LYNX to both current and future-spective peers based on anticipated growth scenarios. The final TDP provided a framework for future service scenarios that supported plans for a potential dedicated funding source.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed a 10-year transit development plan that covered a three-county region.
  • Created a service plan that provided a framework and phasing plan to support a call to action for a dedicated funding source.