MOVE2027 is a Strategic Plan for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) that sets the organization’s post-pandemic direction. The JTA is an ambitious organization that wears many hats. The authority is responsible not just for transit but also several roadway, complete streets, and trail constructions projects. It sees itself as Northeast Florida’s regional mobility integrator and has a vision to provide the public seamless door-to-door transportation across the region, regardless of mode. With a wide and ever-expanding scope of responsibilities, the JTA was looking to adopt a strategic plan that better defined its vision and priorities.

Foursquare ITP worked with JTA on MOVE2027 to help the agency develop its vision for seamless transportation and identify specific initiatives and strategies that can accomplish that goal. Our team developed a facilitation process, scoped out strategies, and assisted in prioritization. Our work on MOVE2027 will allow the JTA to begin to take on the major challenges and opportunities facing the organization over the next five years. The plan, through extensive stakeholder engagement, has resulted in a shared regional vision for the JTA that has the backing of jurisdictions, business leaders, any other public authorities in Northeast Florida.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Identified seven core initiatives on which the agency can focus.
  • Developed a shared regional vision around the role of the JTA.