Foursquare ITP developed a new strategic plan for KCATA that sets the organization’s direction over the next five to ten years. KCATA’s last strategic plan, Mobility Momentum 2021, was adopted in 2018. In the intervening years, the agency has had to navigate the pandemic, has seen a change in leadership, and adopted a groundbreaking experiment in zero fares. The organization recognized the importance of developing a new strategic plan that could help the agency evolve to meet emerging challenges.

Foursquare ITP worked closely with agency staff, leadership, and its board to identify an updated vision built around the themes of finance, organizational effectiveness, customer experience, unified regionalism, and service (FOCUS). The resulting plan (which is still under development) will establish a list of strategies and tactics for the agency to undertake that will help KCATA become more resilient and effective as an organization.

One of the key focuses of the plan is how KCATA can strengthen its role as the regional transportation authority. We identified ways the organization can better partner with its constituent jurisdictions, stakeholders, and employers in funding and expanding service. Another key aspect of the plan is establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) that KCATA can use to track plan obtainment. The study team is in the process of identifying measures that align with plan goals and the available data.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Engaged internal staff and stakeholders to understand organizational needs and strengths.
  • Worked closely with KCATA executives and the board to establish a strategic vision for the agency.
  • Developed a list of strategies to help the organization meet its strategic vision.