Foursquare ITP assisted the City of Philadelphia in obtaining a concessionaire to fund and operate the City’s Indego bike share program. Based on our work for the 2018 Business Plan Update, the City decided to transition to a concession contracting model, where a private operator will be responsible for program fundraising and operations. As this model is a major departure from how Indego was operated in the past, the City engaged Foursquare ITP to prepare the RFP and assist in evaluating proposals. Our team assessed the feasibility of each proposal and created a framework for comparing each financial offer. The team also assisted in facilitating a selection committee consisting of City staff.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • An RFP written and developed with a detailed scope so the City could hire a qualified concessionaire to fund and operate their bike share program.
  • Foursquare ITP provided expert advice and facilitation on the selection committee to help the City evaluate each proposal to choose the best candidate.