Foursquare ITP developed a guidebook for N-CATT that explores how small metro, rural, and tribal communities can better integrate micromobility, namely bikeshare and scootershare, into their transit systems. Micromobility today is the fastest growing mode of transportation in the United States, with ridership quadrupling between 2017 and 2021. While previous research has explored how transit and micromobility can integrate with one another, little work had been done to date exploring how micromobility can serve smaller cities and rural areas.

Our team developed a guidebook based on a scan of national best practice, existing research, and in-depth interviews with practitioners across the country. The resulting guidebook provides a detailed overview of micromobility and how it can be integrated with transit that is tailored to smaller communities that may be constrained by limited resources and low population densities. The guidebook includes several shorter worksheets that act as a quick reference guide on topics like regulations and permitting strategy, program implementation, and equity.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Produced a guidebook for practitioners to use to plan for and implement micromobility in their communities.