This study analyzed fixed route bus service around the James Madison University (JMU) campus. Foursquare ITP led efforts related to the analysis of existing network and market, the development and analysis of recommendations, and stakeholder and public engagement activities throughout the project tasks. Our team also supported the development of an implementation plan and strategy for final recommendations. As a part of the market analysis, we worked with JMU to create a custom Student Transit Propensity which incorporated class sizes, schedules, academic building uses, retail and commercial destinations, and student housing locations to better predict the likelihood of transit use for locations on and off campus.

Using the Student Transit Propensity, along with existing network’s transit data and the regional travel demand model flows, our team led the development of two system restructuring scenarios. Each scenario was designed using two differing sets of design principles; these design principles were created based on feedback gathered through stakeholder interviews and outreach to JMU students. We provided guidance and a roadmap to help the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) implement the new system restructuring. The service change was implemented in August 2019 and overall system ridership increased.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • A series of restructured routes that provided a higher level of frequency and better campus circulation.
  • A guide to help HDPT implement recommendations.