This project was an active transportation plan for Fredericksburg, Virginia with the goal of better connecting the City and its surroundings by bike and foot. The George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC) commissioned the study to guide Fredericksburg and its immediate environs on improving access and mobility through biking and walking.

Foursquare ITP outlined a vision for how improvements, including a bike share feasibility study and a bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure plan. Our work resulted in a plan for implementing bike share in the community, along with the identification of priority corridors for bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

The bike share feasibility analysis provided the framework for Fredericksburg to move forward with a bike share system in the historic downtown, University of Mary Washington, and surrounding neighborhoods. The vision for citywide improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure resulted in a set of over 30 prioritized infrastructure projects to meet gaps in the bicycle and pedestrian network.

The region received an actionable plan for implementing bike share as well as a graphical toolkit to illustrate the application of features such as a bicycle boulevard, cycle track, and bike lanes along streets within the City.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Bikeshare feasibility study and actionable plan to implement bikeshare.
  • Prioritized bike/ped infrastructure recommendations with conceptual graphics and cost estimates.