Arlington County’s Capital Bikeshare plan was the first strategic plan for an existing bike share operation in North America. Leading this plan, Foursquare ITP pioneered the application of a transit development plan approach to bike share. The plan’s goals were two-fold—to create a six-year blueprint for Capital Bikeshare expansion and integrate bike share into the existing transit network. We commenced the effort with a state of the practice review and conducted an analysis of the existing system, evaluating the system using a set of performance measures commonly applied to transit, which allowed for side by side comparison of bike share and public transit operations. Extensive civic engagement included a community advisory panel, stakeholder committees, public workshops, and a crowdsourcing website. Through this process, we gathered feedback on alternative scenarios for system expansion to make the community’s vision a reality.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed a fiscally constrained expansion plan that Arlington County has been implementing over the past few years.