Foursquare ITP provided a thorough variety of print, web, field communications, and outreach support for two major Yellow Line construction projects to tie in the new Potomac Yard Station and rehabilitate the Yellow Line’s Potomac River crossing.

Yellow Line construction coincided with a challenging period of Metrorail construction in which multiple construction projects of varying scale overlapped with our effort. The challenge was to effectively communicate this project against a backdrop of near-constant construction work across the Metrorail system.

To call attention to this project, which was the largest scale of any such construction projects, we established a unique project brand and applied it consistently across all collateral to make it clear that this was a transformative effort (a new station and more!), not just another mundane maintenance effort. In addition to comprehensively communicating the Blue and Yellow Line closures, our team’s creation of a unique project brand conveyed to WMATA the value of publicly communicating necessary construction as an exercise in constant improvement than as one of mere maintenance.

The comprehensive nature of the outreach was remarked upon positively: it was possible for a customer to see print, web, and app notices in advance of their trip, see field notices at the station upon arrival, and hear announcements in the trains and stations. Every communication touchpoint was addressed.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed comprehensive communications across many methods and media.
  • Created widespread public awareness of the Blue Line and Yellow Line shutdowns.
  • Tailored and customized messaging for each of three phases to retain customer alertness.