Foursquare ITP worked with the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County on a proposed multi-jurisdictional micromobility program. Even though the San Francisco Bay Area is an important center for the micromobility industry, San Mateo County is largely underserved by bikeshare and scootershare. The County is composed of over two-dozen jurisdictions and compared to nearby cities like San Francisco and San Jose, represents a fragmented market for micromobility.

Foursquare ITP devised a strategy for a regional micromobility program that could bring together several San Mateo communities into one larger system. Our team developed detailed program guidance, which including outlining implementation steps, drafting governance guidelines, and recommending specific procurement standards. This proposed multi-jurisdictional system would reduce the burden on individual communities to set-up and regulate a micromobility program and enable the public to travel more seamlessly through the county. The project stakeholders are currently pursuing the next step of setting up a pilot program based on Foursquare ITP’s recommendations.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed actionable program guidance and an implementation plan for a multi-jurisdictional microtransit system.