Foursquare ITP explored where microtransit services could complement the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) fixed-route system or expand transit coverage across the Richmond region. The recent formation of the Central Virginia Transit Authority (CVTA) has prompted a regional conversation about transit needs at various scales and methods of service delivery. GRTC wanted to evaluate the potential and benefits of supplementing its bus and BRT network with on-demand microtransit. 

We analyzed current and future microtransit demand in the region and highlighted areas where it could be the most successful. Using our vehicle estimation tool, we provided GRTC with estimated costs as well as projected future microtransit demand across all nine jurisdictions in the Richmond region. Our team explored various microtransit approaches, strategies, and service delivery models to address future mobility demands to improve access, understanding, and coordination between potential microtransit providers, stakeholders, and relevant decision makers throughout the region. 

Foursquare ITP estimated ridership, operating and capital costs, and identified the most applicable service design for each zone to provide implementable zones that could move forward. Our detailed approach set the stage for designing 11 potential microtransit zones for implementation throughout the nine-county region.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Initiated a visionary network of microtransit services across nine jurisdictions.
  • Provided detailed operating cost estimates and vehicle needs for various service models.
  • Developed microtransit service standards across various use cases and land uses.