Foursquare ITP evaluated the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board’s (TPB) participation activities that took place between 2019 and 2022 and provided recommendations for improving their public participation efforts. We provided the TPB with an objective analysis of their public participation efforts, based in our expertise in outreach and engagement.

Foursquare ITP developed an evaluation methodology which included group interviews with key stakeholders and the evaluation of TPB’s participation activities against their stated goals and policies. Our team then developed recommendations for how the TPB can improve their planning for and execution of public participation in the coming years. We also developed recommendations that are relevant and realistic, enabling TPB staff to implement them smoothly. TPB staff began implementing Foursquare ITP’s recommendations on using paid social media to reach more people when advertising opportunities for the public to participate in the Community Advisory Committee, which doubled the amount of applications they had received in previous years.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Effective stakeholder engagement to evaluation participation efforts.
  • Relevant recommendations grounded in TPB’s stated goals and policies.
  • Realistic and implementable recommendations for improving planning for and execution of public participation.