The North-South Corridor study provided conceptual design for a nine-mile North-South corridor from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) in Downtown Baltimore to the Greater Towson Area. The North-South corridor was identified as part of the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan (RTP), developed by Foursquare ITP, due to its regional significance. It was also identified as a way to meet current and future transit demand to facilitate access, economic growth, and connectivity in the region through investments in infrastructure, service, and technology. The corridor connects Downtown Baltimore, the region’s urban center, with Towson University, which is a major trip generator. The project strives to transform an auto-oriented arterial into a true multi-modal corridor, presenting both technical and political challenges in this suburban locale.

Foursquare ITP conducted a market analysis, assisted in developing the preliminary alignments, and further evaluated and refined the alternatives. We also developed the BRT and local feeder bus service plans and cost estimates for three build alternatives in addition to playing an integral role in the strategic evaluation framework and analysis of the impacts of alternatives. Based upon the results of this study, MTA has various alignments to take into Phase 2 of the study for further refinement.  

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed preliminary analysis on seven alternatives that allow the corridor to move to Phase 2 of planning.