The moveDC 2021 Update is an action-oriented plan that builds upon moveDC’s modal policy and priority networks by setting policies and practices that ease the implementation of bus priority improvements, protect bicycle facilities, and other projects that prioritize District streets for and to safely move people. DDOT tasked Foursquare ITP with developing need areas and comparing them to historically disadvantaged populations along with leading led community engagement and communications.

Foursquare ITP developed an Existing Conditions Assessment, which compiled a wide array of data points into a clear picture of the District that told a compelling story including current issues and challenges, critical trends, and a comprehensive look at the state of transportation (commuting, use by mode, safety, etc.). The “Snapshot” provided readers from all backgrounds with an Executive Summary of the state of transportation in the District and non-transportation factors that impact how all people move about the city. We also supported goals, policies, and performance metric development; and developed the final plan layout and graphics.

As part of this effort, Foursquare ITP updated all the data and maps produced as part of the District Mobility effort (–also a project on which Foursquare ITP played a key role—including multimodal delay, travel time, reliability, and access. Foursquare ITP also created an innovative transportation needs index that combined the analysis of walk access to high-frequency transit (bus, rail, bikeshare); accessibility to jobs and destinations by all modes within different time frames (30, 45, 60 minutes); and safety concerns (proximity to high crash corridors and lack of sidewalks). This index was compared to historically disadvantaged populations including persons of color, low-income, LEP, and mobility-challenged to identify priority areas across the District.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Created an innovative and data-driven transportation deficiency and equity analysis that told a compelling story about transportation needs in DC.
  • Produced a highly graphical and accessible final plan to guide future multimodal investments.