Foursquare ITP assisted the Metropolitan Council with a regional transportation demand management (TDM) study and led the development of a TDM state of the practice memorandum. The Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area is a thriving region of nearly three million people, spread across seven counties that encompasses nearly 3,000 square miles. As the regional policy-making body and planning agency, the Metropolitan Council sought consultant expertise to understand leading trends in transportation demand management and the short-term and long-term opportunities and challenges for TDM.

Foursquare ITP led the state of the practice research, producing a memorandum that combined an extensive literature review with information collected during a series of agency interviews. Upon the client’s request, we also included international examples from Canada, Australia, and Germany. 

The state of the practice memorandum helped inform stakeholders about the universe of TDM strategies being implemented and provided background information for subsequent stakeholder engagement workshops to help shape TDM strategies for the region. The state of the practice memorandum provided a comprehensive overview of TDM strategy examples, including program structures and funding; policies and legal requirements; roadway management strategies; and incentives, marketing, and communications.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed comprehensive state of the practice memorandum.