Foursquare ITP used a variety of data sources to understand the late-night travel market, both for workers and other users of the mobility options late at night within the DC region. Our team conducted an overall review of late-night needs in terms of travel demand; existing service offerings; and what stakeholders, riders, and potential users of late-night service need in terms of transit service, including fixed route, flexible, subsidized on-demand, or micromobility, as well as other amenities, such as better lighting or better information. Using this wealth of information and data, Foursquare ITP created recommendations on how late-night service can be improved including, but not limited to, new connections, later spans, flexible service, partnerships with ride-hailing companies, improved late-night safety and security, and improved marketing and information.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Created recommendations on how late-night service can be improved.
  • Improved overall marketing efforts.