Foursquare ITP led the analysis and report writing for JTA’s 2021 Origin-Destination survey. The survey was initiated in the midst of a major service restructuring effort, providing the agency a better understanding how rider dynamics of changed due to COVID-19. Foursquare ITP assisted the survey team in developing the sampling plan, validating the survey data, and creating a final survey report. The team created an interactive dashboard that allowed JTA staff to query and explore survey data. As part of the project, the team utilized Foursquare ITP’s trip-chain validator, an automated tool that allowed the survey firm to quality control survey results and flag improbably or impossible trips. The project concluded with a final report and the results of the survey have since been used to inform JTA’s System Optimization Initiative (SOI) and MOVE strategic plan.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Deployed trip-chain validator to automate quality control processes.
  • Created reference report for JTA staff.
  • Developed interactive dashboard for querying and exploring survey data.