Foursquare ITP worked on this transit service plan for new managed lanes across the American Legion Bridge (ALB) on I-495. As one of the busiest bridges in the nation, it serves as the only direct link between Fairfax County, Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. Even though the bridge links two of the Washington region’s largest job and population centers, today, no transit services operate across the span.

This study explored transit and TDM options that could use managed lanes planned for the ALB and connecting highways. Foursquare ITP led the development of transit service recommendations, from a high-level screening of travel demand to identifying specific routes and stops. The final plan recommends a package of recommendations that link key destinations in Maryland and Virginia together.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed service recommendations to connect Fairfax County, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland, across the American Legion Bridge via various transportation options.