This study, which began as an environmental impact statement (EIS) and was later changed to an environmental analysis (EA), evaluates the alternatives and benefits of implementing a high-capacity transit extension of the existing Tide light rail line to Naval Station Norfolk. The Tide light rail, a 7.4 mile light rail line in Norfolk, Virginia, serves many of the key activity centers in the city other than Naval Station Norfolk, one of the region’s largest employers. HRT hired a multi-disciplinary team to conduct this study to determine the best way to serve this location as well as the commercial corridor leading to the base. Foursquare ITP played a key role in developing and evaluating Tier I and Tier II alternatives for both bus rapid transit (BRT) and light rail transit (LRT) options and developed and helped implement a robust public involvement process that spanned from a pre-pandemic airport passenger intercept survey to virtual engagement and back to community meetings. Our contribution included leading the conceptual bus operating plans—for BRT service, feeder bus operations, and Naval Station shuttles—for each round of alternatives.

The project is now moving forward with analyzing two separate transit projects: a Tide extension to the Military Circle Redevelopment Area, and BRT to Naval Station Norfolk (NSN). Foursquare ITP will develop an adjusted bus service plan around the Tide extension as well as continue to support public engagement activities.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed and helped implement a robust public involvement process.
  • Developed an adjusted bus service plan around the Tide extension.
  • Continued public engagement support.