Foursquare ITP led a five-year transit development plan for the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) to identify opportunities to restructure the EMTA network to better serve the mobility needs of a changing market. Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing EMTA system, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every route, and to highlight opportunities for service improvement, expansion, and/or reinvestment. Service recommendations took into account EMTA’s new Operations Facility that is designed to serve as the system’s primary transit hub once it is completed. The TDP included the development of performance measures to assess service efficiency and effectiveness over time, as well as a unique analysis of the economic value of the EMTA system to the Erie region.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed recommendations for a revised network that simplifies cross-town travel, and better aligning with the regions overall travel patterns.
  • Analyzed the economic value of the EMTA system to the Erie Region.